[Opinion:] Why female video game characters SHOULD be sexy.

Lara Croft: One of the most criticised female characters.


Women are sexy, that’s a fact, but they’re also insecure and competitive. Since the dawn of the media we’re encountered by images of “the beautiful people” and women especially, feel a certain pressure to look good. So of course, much like magazine covers and billboards, female video game characters have come under fire. Their boobs are too big, their legs are too long and they have lips bigger than Ms Jolie’s. But I’m not here to argue against such characters. I am all for them.

I’m a girl gamer, so naturally when I play a game with a choice of gender, I prefer to be female. I don’t want to be some flat-chested, boring but kick ass lady. I want the best of both worlds; skimpy armour but shockingly able with a sword twice as big as me. Why? Because video games are an escape. If I wanted to be boring old me or similar, why would I play? Just for an hour or twelve I want to put myself in the body of the perfect person.

Dead Or Alive: Because everyone (especially Japanese men) loves huge boobs


Many, women (and sometimes men) complain characters such as Lara Croft are unrealistic. With her big boobs and tiny waist she’s certainly the most desired body type going. I have loved Lara Croft since I was 10 years old. Not once have I felt insecure or inadequate because of her because she’s not real. Little girls are much more likely to look at the likes of Scarlett Johansson and sadly sigh at how attractive she is because she IS real. Though it could be argued that without all those hired staff she wouldn’t look as good, so celebrities are equally just as fake but no doubt much more likely to make us feel ugly.

Male characters are just as bad. Yet you rarely hear male gamers complain. Nathan Drake for example, is one of the most iconic male video game characters around. He’s got good looks, plenty of muscle, a cheeky charm and he’s bad ass. He’s about as realistic as Lady Croft, yet no one ever complains because his character is well written and likeable. The ladies of Uncharted are equally as beautiful but are also possibly the most realistic female characters, their bodies are in proportion and they keep covered up.

Nathan Drake: Part-time adventurer, full-time hunk.


I do understand where some women are coming from when they see characters from Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur, it’s easy to see they were finely crafted by men as sex objects. But let’s not forget how far the games industry has come. Before, women were only in games to be saved, never would you see the likes of Nariko (Heavenly sword) slashing up soldiers whilst looking damn good. It’s not sexist, it’s a compliment to women, showing women can be powerful and beautiful. It would be much more offensive to always make strong female character butch and man-like.

I am against sexism of course and maybe the games industry should make more female characters like Chloe and Elena but when I make my custom-made Soul Calibur characters, I will make them with big busts and barely-there outfits because it’s fun. Us girls should learn to lighten up and have fun with such silly characters because we know it’s not real and hey, it’s just a game.

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